What We Do

At Catalyse Change our coaches work with leadership teams to help them identify what kind of engagement is most appropriate for their current context. From consultancy to participation in a learning community, our desire is to serve churches through the delivery of tools and processes within an ongoing coaching relationship.


Learning Communities are the primary tool that Catalyse Change use to help Christian leaders put Discipleship and Mission at the center of everything they do.
A Learning Community is a series of 3-day intensives over 2 years with a team of 3-7 people from your church that incorporates main stage teaching and input with tactical training, expert coaching, and a chance to experience Missional Communities and Huddles. This all concludes with the creation of a six month plan that your team creates for your local ministry context. We recognise that every church leader and city is different and your plan needs to reflect those nuances.

These intensives happen every six months, with four gatherings over a two year period. In addition, there is regular coaching on a Huddle conference-call for the Senior Leader.

This might sound like a significant investment over a two year period. It is. if it were possible to impart the skills, tool and vehicles necessary to achieve everything God is calling you to with a smaller investment of time, we’d do that. But after working with nearly a thousand churches in the United States, Europe, Australia and beyond, we know there is no short-circuiting the process.


We want to see leaders cultivating church cultures with discipleship at the heart; cultures in which transformation and breakthrough are the norm.


Coaching huddles are a unique training vehicle which allow participants to go beyond the information in a book or at a conference and begin to practically apply tools for discipleship and mission, both personally and in their ministry. As leaders use these tools they begin to see the principles of missional discipleship transform their own life, ministry and the lives of those they lead.

Coaching Huddles provide a context for discipleship in relation to covenant identity and kingdom responsibility. They follow a framework based around the Lifeshapes tools so that participants begin personally applying these biblical principles. Our experience shows that as leaders engage with a life of missional discipleship for themselves, they can then begin to develop and grow disciples around them in their leadership context; this genuine experience of missional discipleship leads to disciples who make disciples, who make disciples.

We know that just a learning community or workshop isn’t enough for transformation or transition – you may have come to an event or be part of one of our Learning Communities – Coaching Huddles are the process that goes alongside this, allowing you to process week-by-week how you are applying and implementing the tools for discipleship and mission.


“If you make disciples you will grow the church. If you make disciples who can make disciples you will build a movement.”



We take a needs-based approach to supporting churches in building a healthy culture of discipleship. We offer one-hour video call with one of our trained coaches to connect with you, assess the needs of your ministry context and develop a customised plan for potential engagement with you and your ministry.


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