2 Foundational days to help you make disciples who make disciples.

Learn the tools that you need to put mission + discipleship at the centre of everything you do.

Part 1: Sat 29th Feb 2020

Part 2: Sat 30th May 2020

Location: Wellspring Anglican Church 43 Grosvenor st, Sandy Bay, Hobart

Cost: $50 per day ($100 total) includes lunch + snacks


Building a discipling culture.
Mike Breen once said: “If you make disciples you always get Church, but if you focus on making Church, you rarely get disciples.” We believe this to be true. Discipleship is the ‘operating system’ or ‘engine’ that makes everything else work, and is foundational for multiplying leaders, mobilising mission, and cultivating a movement.

What is a learning community?
A Learning Community provides a way for leadership teams to learn skills and frameworks to release mission and discipleship across their church. As you examine the word, works and ways of Jesus, you will discover principles to help you shift culture and lead a movement: reproducing disciples instead of just recruiting more volunteers; multiplying communities instead of just adding more people.

2-day discipleship foundations.
The Cascade Network is coming to Hobart for two days (in Feb and May 2020) to lay a foundation for how to build a discipling culture in a radically secular world. Rather than provide a program or formula, you will learn a series of principles to help you reproduce apprentices of Jesus in your own context, and congregation. Together with your team, you will experience proven vehicles for discipleship and mission (like Huddle and Missional Community), evaluate your current realities, and look to where God is calling you as a Church. Register your team to help put discipleship and mission back into the hands of ordinary people!