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What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus? Can modern disciples learn to live like the Twelve? Are there patterns in the Gospels we can follow? How can we help each other along the way?
These are the questions I have been asking for most of my Christian journey. They are what I had in mind when I became a church leader and they are the reason I persisted at it for twenty-five years. They are also the reason I took three months off work to interrogate ‘Ise pages and the culture of the New Testament and are also the reason I have written this book.
I believe that when Jesus told his disciples to ‘make disciples…teaching them to obey everything 1 have commanded you’, he meant it. And he was confident that he had set a pattern that would make it possible for them, and us, to do so.
Please follow follow me on a journey through John’s gospel through the eyes of someone who has insatiable curiosity and cannot help asking the four questions above. I believe you will learn a lot more about Jesus and also about yourself as his follower. Come, let as journey together…

“Craig is a man of great integrity and wisdom. He knows the Word and has vast knowledge but shares it with such humility, grace and wisdom. He engages, inspires and instructs as he teaches and his writing is no different. This book invites and draws me to engage again with the person of Jesus and to learn from the principles of His life, who He sass and what He did. Craig addresses some significant questions, mindsets and patterns but dates this with an case that takes me deeper into the conversation and closer to the truth rather than being distracted or confused in the debate.
Craig’s writing also helps me to integrate these lessons in my life, lived in today’s culture. This book is an inspiring and informative read, and is also a book that helps me to ‘do the stuff: not just know more but to live more authentically as a disciple of Jesus. I can recommend the man who wrote this book. I can recommend the man this book is written about. And, unsurprisingly, I wholeheartedly recommend this book.”
RICH ROBINSON Director 3D. Europe

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